Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending both the Joffrey Ballet and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert.  I had plowed through a tough week and my intuitive husband kidnapped me for the day and took me with him to his work places of the day.  I met one of his long-time coworkers – a harpest – in the carpool, who I don’t think I’ve ever met.   We picked up my niece from UIC and she sat with me in awe of the Auditorium Theatre.  John, Sam, and I met up with Simon at restaurant, eating sushi and talking about college.  Simon went off to work, Sam went back to study, and John and I went to best buy looking at video cameras.  I learned how to take a video on my little pocket camera to I could capture the Occupy Wallstreet/Chicago protestors that we ran into looking for parking.  And the piece d’resistance – John playing the Mahler 4 symphony with the CSO.  Not at thing could have been better to remind me that life is rich, and that I can remember to take cues from the world around me, instead of having to figure everything out by myself!

John after the concert


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