Paradise is in your own backyard…


Dear Sisters,

Time to re-establish our blogging!  We are all writers and all have eloquent ways of expressing ourselves.  What would you say to the challenge that each of us writes at least one line per week on this blog.  Thinking about today’s conversation, and our own guiding principles, we could write something regarding how we connected to one of them during the week.  Or, we could just highlight something that went really well or a challenge we met head on during the week.

Something that is really helping me all year, is something that John has been reminding me.  If we pursue happiness, we will achieve it.  For example,  I am so happy in my own backyard because John and I have consciously envisioned it as a vacation destination.  We can’t travel right now to other places that we do hope to visit.  But, it’s ok, because we have our backyard.  It is truly paradise for us.  Sitting back there, I can think of nothing more that I need or want.  The birds are singing to me, the flowers fill my eyes with beauty and the peace that envelopes me calms my cluttered mind.

Come join me!

John Floeter and Paradise

I love you all, jude

p.s.  Check out this bluegrass prodigy – Sarah Jarosz.  She’s my latest driving companion!


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