Homesteading on Halloween.. I savor the moments every Halloween and this year was no exception especially cause Halloween fell on a Sunday. I had the whole weekend to welcome the fall season in.  I love Halloween, Not only is this a holiday for the kiddies but for us Moms.  First off it’s fall, it’s the weekend I start baking again. The day embodies everything I hold on to as far as being a Mom: being home with my kids, making  costumes,  baking, decorating, staring at the sun, cooking and being in the kitchen from 7am til 10pm, lighting candles, listening to music, carving the pumpkin (yes we even did that yesterday). Though our lives are so busy and the kids keep getting bigger, we still found time to decorate these delicious cupcakes, carve the pumpkin, call a Grandma and line up all the candy from the pillow cases.. Much fun was had by all. Happy Halloween to all and to all sweet dreaming of next year’s magic..


2 Responses to “Boo”

  1. Sandi Says:

    Hi Car,

    I love it! And the photo is perfect.
    What you have written here is a gift, because from this chair, this home, Halloween represented but a day on the calendar — to swiftly move aside for November — one of my favorite months — as we nestle in to cooler days, longer nights and the traditional holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. As an empty nester and single women (with boyfriend off in NYC helping his daughter move apartments) my home is quiet. Deliciously quiet in its own right.

    Yet, you have gifted me with a different view. Family time, being a mom, baking, listening to music and a house filled with sights, smells and sounds of Halloween. That this day for you represented a “pause” in the business of everything to remind yourself and your children how much they mean to you — and to each other. Thank you for sharing.

    And perfect title, “Boo” by the way. I logged on this morning, intending to write another entry and found this sweet surprise! My entry can wait at least another day.

    love sam, 3 sister

  2. judyfloeter Says:

    Car, thank you for posting this. I am so impressed, every day, with your gifts as a mother. I know that you savor these days with your kids. Kids who have grown into caring, intelligent, and authentic people due to your nurturing and guidance. I hope that you do find a way to incorporate your desire to be ‘at home’ with your need for employment. It’s out there, I am sure. Happy Halloween, a bit late! Jude

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