Meet Avalokiteswara. Goddess of Love, Compassion and healing

Yesterday in our sister summit call, I spoke about the murti (an image which expresses a Divine Spirit), Avalokiteswara. Here is a photo of her. You will notice she has 1,000 hands, working tirelessly with her divine energy to help offer love and healing. She sits on a lotus flower, symbolizing that even in the mud, one can emerge and grow, sharing beauty. It’s funny, because although I am incredibly drawn to her and she has deep meaning for me, and I love to look at her and she brings me feelings of love and healing myself, I have no idea what to write about her in this entry.

What I do know (or what I am working towards further clarity on) is that I am drawn to work where I can use my talents to offer compassion and healing. Maybe that has something to do with yoga therapy. Or working with the elderly. Maybe even in sister summit.

When I bought Avalokiteswara up in Estes Park at the Anusara Yoga Grand Gathering, the man instructed me to incorporate her in my mediation, in my daily life events, in chanting and in my yoga learning. Although traditional meditation continues to call me, I find it challenging to take the time to sit, let alone invite a daily chanting practice in my life. I can however, put her in front of my yoga mat when I do a home practice. I can set her on my desk when I write and work. And, actually, I do know a chant, about her – Om Mani Padme Hum.

So, sisters, with each of you I share my new friend, in love and compassion.

— 3sister, sam



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  1. Carolyn Says:

    yes that is a lovely one.. it embodies what you are working towards.. I also see her many hands reaching for the light of the sun..I it reminds me of the heart salutations we do… often come home from work and do heart and sun salutations.. it brings such rythmic energy

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