A quarter of a century!


This is Katie on her 25th birthday.  I can’t believe I have been a mother for 25 years now.  It is truly humbling to know that you have brought into this world little people who are now capable adults.   And not just older kids, really, they are now adults making adult choices and living lives that affected, and are affected by oh so many others.  As much as I take this all in stride, as just a part of life, I am also in awe of this phenomenon of parenthood.  I am also a bit forlorn as I miss my days with the kids.  I am no longer much a part of their lives, and I truly miss them as people.  But I am proud of them.  And specifically, this week I am celebrating my oldest’s 25th birthday.  She is a talented teacher.  She inspires me, along with many others.  She has a gift with children.  She is unpretentious and she loves to have fun.  She also loves accessories!!!  Happy Birthday, Katie.  And sisters,,,,, just you wait!

Happy Birthday


One Response to “A quarter of a century!”

  1. Sandi Says:

    What a great photo and I love your reflection of Katie — or even of being a parent for 25 years! Happy [belated] birthday Katie. Judy, you are THE role model for all of us in raising children to adults. This is your celebration, too!

    Love, Sam

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