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On our way to phenomenal

April 20, 2010

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a women’s conference that was designed to give female entrepreneurs encouragement, support, tools and resources to pursue their dreams of owning their own business. With speakers like Lisa Nichols, Les Brown and Paula Ellingham (the organizer of the conference) I was not only inspired by the words they spoke but by my realization that I am exactly where I need to be, on my journey to phenomenal.

The moment I was born I began this phenomenal journey, and my life experiences, whether they were good, bad or life-changing, they have brought me to this place.  Every moment was played out exactly as it should have. Sometimes it doesn’t look like I thought it should, but it is mine and I get to choose how my journey will continue. Sometimes I want to give up and run away, other times I want to stand up and fight for me. It’s OK; all is well on my phenomenal journey, because my journey is lit with love, joy, heartaches and headaches. But most of all, my journey is one of love, the love of my family, friends, coworkers and colleagues, from my 1st grade teacher to my darling daughters, the moments I have shared and the lessons that I learned are just as they should be. The choices and decisions that I made as well as the ones that were made for me are just as they should be on my phenomenal journey.

Whether we see things as blessings or curses, we get to choose. Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we fall down and sometimes we think we are unable to get back up… but we do. We put on our backpack full of experiences, wisdom and our love of life and our pursuit of happiness and carry on with our phenomenal journey.  

My phenomenal journey is filled with the most amazing experiences, large and small. Reaching the summit of Buckskin Pass, floating down the Rouge River and giving birth to my beautiful daughters were pretty big moments for me, and yet some of smaller moments are equally special, like having lunch with my dad, sewing my daughter’s 6th grade quilt project with my sister Judy, hiking with my 3 sisters during our first sister summit and laughing so hard with my girlfriends Ruth and Colleen on our road trip to Glenwood…all are very special and my journey is just as it should be.

This past weekend gave me what I needed, time away from my crazy busy life, inspiration to pursue my dreams, a girls night out, a taste of best hot dog on the planet, a stroll down Rodeo Drive, a toe dip in the Pacific Ocean and the realization that I am on my way to phenomenal.

The pathway of my phenomenal journey looks bright…an exciting business, teenage years, trips to Chicago, Arizona and New Jersey and other places in between, along with many personal and professional lessons that I am eager to learn…but what inspires me the most is my journey is lit with love, the love of my family, friends, co-workers and colleagues…those that are alongside me on my phenomenal journey.


Saturday Mornings

April 17, 2010
John's Asparagus

John's Asparagus

Buds of another kind…

April 10, 2010

28 years and still pals.....

It amazes me every day how very blessed I am.   I know that my life is relatively easy as judged against most of the world population’s struggles.  But still, like everyone I suspect, in my personal space each day I feel challenged,  sometimes overwhelmed, and slightly exhausted because I am busy from morning till night.  I keep at this level of activity because I feel that I’m contributing in some small way to making the world a better place.  I don’t need recognition, I just need to keep believing that my contribution is a betterment.  I  draw my daily strength from something I heard by one of my favorite writers, Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, that each of us contributes something unique that is just exactly what the world needs.  (read the transcripts of an interview with Dr. Remen on

But I could not do any of this were it not for the support of my life partner, John, pictured with me above.  Last weekend, John and I celebrated 28 years of marriage, 35 years of friendship, by going to Niagara Falls, Ontario.  We wanted to spend time together away from the responsibilities of our daily life.  In a way, we were challenging ourselves to move beyond our daily cares.  We arrived at Niagara Falls and were dumbstruck by the crush of humanity and the overabundance of wax museums, arcades, and tourist traps.  After we waded through the people, we made it to the viewing areas of the falls themselves.  The Falls are beautiful.  But it was so hard to take in the natural beauty because of the over commercialization.  It wasn’t what John and I expected at all.  We found a wonderful family-owned restaurant off the beaten path and they told us that we could get a better feel for the beauty of the area by biking up the river to Niagara-On-The-Lake, on Lake Ontario.  So the next day, we rented bicycles and set off to pedal what was supposed to be a two hour ride to a quaint historic town.  During this bike ride it became increasingly hard for me to believe that I would make the trip back as most of the way there turned out to be downhill.  As the ride got longer and longer, with no end in sight. I started to panic.  I have not been on a bike in nearly 10 years.  I am out of shape.  John repeatedly encouraged me, told me not to worry, slowed down to stay with me, and remarked about the beauty along the way.  He tried to ease my worry by offering to make the trip back alone and come back with the car to get me.  This upset me more as I did not want to burden John with my failings.  But John did not play into my stress.  He coaxed me along and when we arrived in the town, we celebrated with a lovely lunch together at a little cafe.  We regrouped and walked over to an old hotel where the bellman told us about a taxi back to Niagara Falls, with the bikes.  So, that’s what we did and the cab driver gave us a wonderful understanding of the area and its history over the distance of close to 15 miles back to town.  I would never have made the trip back on the bike.  But the point of my long story here is to illustrate  what John does for me every day.  He helps me not only to complete my tasks, but to enjoy them as we go.  And we enjoy it all together regardless of which or whose journey we’re on.  And so, this week, I celebrate my husband and our anniversary.  I love you John!  And sisters, thank you for indulging me!