Bloom Baby Bloom


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  -Anais Nin 

I wake up in the middle of the night so many times thinking of this quote, The fear of the unknown and the chatter in my brain holds my feet to the tattered kitchen floor.  We remain tight it the bud sometimes for all the wrong reasons… reasons that we convince ourselves that we are suppose to be here for a reason… only to realize we have stayed  way too long… long enough for that familiar pain to set in til it flails you around, twisting and bending in every direction forcing the imminent  break.. .but oh these are the spring winds of hope casting the bud off it’s once secure stem forcing it to take seed somewhere else with the reassurance that our dreams are destined to bloom somewhere else.

                                                                     So where is the wind taking your dreams right now?


3 Responses to “Bloom Baby Bloom”

  1. Sandi Says:

    Carolyn, I just love this entry! For many reasons. For one, it is exquisitely you. And the photo and writing brings me closer to Carolyn, my sister and the deep compassion I have for you right now, in the midst of this transition — your opening up to the possibilities of living your dream. And because we are so connected, I was thinking about my own bud, needing to blossom — and hanging on so dearly to things.

    For me, my yoga practice inspires me to make change in the areas of my life where I might be stuck or holding on. Yesterday, I taught yoga class at work for the first time. I thought about your writing and the quote by Anais Nin. We often start and end the practice with our hands in prayer — Prayer or Anjali Mudra. By placing the hands together at the center of the chest, the anjali mudra creates a devotional feeling, balancing out the physical and mental energies and calms the mind.

    As I collected my fears and sat in quiet for a minute as my fellow co-workers gathered into the room, i read the Anais Nin quote at the beginning of class. My own hands, in prayer, yet slightly open, just like a bud about to blossom.

    Love to my sisters this week. xo Sam

  2. judyfloeter Says:

    It definitely is so hard to know when to hang on or to let go. Many, many times I have stayed way too long at something or someplace when it might have been better to move along. In all these years of mine, I’m not sure I can even give advice. Somehow, it must be related to the recognition of the pain that is caused by staying with what is not working well enough. What I do know, for myself, is that I can not stay when something depresses me. I have to see hope, no matter what. And Spring is a representation of hope. Carolyn, your image of the bud is so hopeful. Hope is what keeps us moving forward. It isn’t just blind optimism, but I think that when our hope is tempered with preparation and an understanding of our personal history, then it can propel us forward, into the unknown, but towards our dreams. And though I’m mixing my metaphors here, we have a great crew for support. Our ground crew can help if we need rocket fuel, or trajectory calculations, or even Tang! And just like Chuck Yeager said; the cockpit shakes the most just before breaking the sound barrier!

    love you all, jude

  3. maureenradice Says:

    As a “budding” entrepreneur my dream is taking me to California for the weekend…I am reigniting my passion for connection and inspirational events and splurging on a trip to a LA to attend a women’s conference. It is an event that will allow me connect with other entrepreneurial women, laugh, learn and reconnect with my passion. I know I have an incredible business that is waiting to bloom and perhaps I am holding on to my fulltime day job like a security blanket. Someday soon I hope to shed the blanket and blossom in the sun.

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