Dream Boards and Liberation


I took my love, I took it down
Climbed a mountain and I turned around
I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
’till the landslide brought me down

Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love
Can the child within my heart rise above
Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life

Well, I’ve been afraid of changing
’cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older
I’m getting older too.

—  Fleetwood Mac

The inspiration for this week’s Sister Summit Blog entry came to me on Sunday. Carolyn and I talked very briefly about a yoga teacher training program that is on her path right now. She was on her way to Michael’s to get stuff to make a Dreamboard. A Dreamboard (as defined by wiki)  “. . . is a collection of images, words and colors which reflect your visions and desires as they are manifesting in your life. A Dreamboard is a tool to allow you to become clear on what you really want. Becoming clear on what you really want is the key to manifesting.” Through all the challenges on her path, Carolyn is clearing the way to make her dream a reality.

I then went off to a yoga class — where the instructor’s theme (or dharma talk) was about liberation . And after an intense, sweaty and challenging asana practice, the song, Landslide played during savasana. I have heard this song countless times, and I love it. It reminds me of Carolyn. And Judy and Maureen. And all of us sisters, collectively. It makes me think of our time in the mountains, and our struggles and challenges as we climb to our own summit.

And as I relaxed into the posture on Sunday, soaking up the wonders of a practice  you all know how much I love, I got to thinking about liberation and dreams. And the freedom to choose what we want in our lives and how we want to show up and contribute — no matter how many times we have to start over. As the song says, “time makes you bolder . . . and i’m getting older, too”. Bolder to come together in authenticity and to share our dreams and visions. To become really clear on what we want to manifest.

So, I thought this might be a good place to start with Sister Summit’s new virtual home. We have a vision. We have our weekly calls. We now have a place to record it — the written word. We’ll build upon our vision and show up.

Sister Summit dedicated the month of March to rebirth, new growth, new beginnings. This sister is working on the newness of Social Media and how it can power up my professional work as a marketer. More importantly, I am visioning how it can help Sister Summit plant seeds, nourish and grow. I am studying it, learning it and showing up (albeit, toe in water). I am excited and energized.

What are your new beginnings?


5 Responses to “Dream Boards and Liberation”

  1. judyfloeter Says:

    Great post Sam. Seasons of my life….. I feel the changes coming too. At 2am this morning I finally posted the last of my winter quarter writing assignments. I feel as though all I do is read and write and almost nothing else these days. It is fun though because of all the discovery involved. I am discovering new meaning in the ideas that I thought I knew a lot about. I hope that I can contribute to the physical sisters summit when it materialized. I so want to work with the three of you guys. Love you all, jude

  2. maureen Says:

    wow how remarkable…2001, I was driving down Winfield road and that song came on the radio and I started to weep…uncontrollably…that was my life, that is the very song that set me on my path to reclaim my life; yes, I had a husband and 2 beautiful girls…but my life was based on them and I found myself in place of unrest! remarkably, I find myself almost 10 years later still trying to find my true self. It is a journey…in those ten years, I walked a life changing 60 miles in support of breast cancer, founded a women’s getaway day company, lost my mother-in-law (who was a dear friend and mother to me), became a life coach to support women and their dreams, moved my family to Colorado, started my toffee business and discovered my love for the hospitallity industry…still on the journey! As I see it, each day, each month, each year I am re-birthing myself…some days are good and some not so much…yet I hold in my heart…the fact that my sisters are there for me and that keeps me moving forward! We lift as we climb my dear sisters…through tears and laughter!
    Love, Maureen

  3. Sandi Says:

    You may have noticed, the photo is my own Dreamboard — i started several months ago and have not yet finished. It’s a work in progress (just like me:-). If you click on it, you will get a closer look at the “clippings”, bits of words and images that are helping me get clarity on what I want to manifest. Getting it out again reminded me of my need to keep feeding my dreams. To keep looking.
    And — a HUGE thank you to my sisters for commenting — and feeding Sister Summit’s new virtual home. Look out Oprah!

  4. Carolyn Says:

    tiny tears… that’s what you all called me as a kid..(ok mostly Bob)..back then..I thought of it as a weakness..my struggle with the world..I was not tough enough for this place.. I just wanted to play house, sew, grow tomatoes, be a nurse, live in the mountains.. I found a calling then got way way off my trail..but on that newfound trail I too have had some amazing times.. mostly being a mom to three incredible children..and fortunately I have not been on this trail alone..how fitting for us to call this our sister summit..cause you have all been along the trail with me at different switchbacks.. so my tiny tears are still there but they are bigger now.. those tears took me a week to write this reply.. Landslide.. how fitting for this week. I took it down yes… that landslide carried me away this week..one more time..but I am strong.. My recollection of the song Landslide.. I played it over and over and over the year I painted my family room on Fox Hunt Road yellow. I painted it my favorite soft buttery slightly perky yellow.. and when I finished it.. I put the house up for sale..got divorced… and said goodbye to my gardens..my seedlings in the ground… I took my three loves and we started a new life..on a new trail.. and now this “child in my heart” this week.. knows that tears are not my weakness..they are what makes me part of who I am.. hOMeyoga… I am a nurturer, terra, I am the morning sunshine, I am a sister in the grove of columbines along Deception pass.

  5. judyfloeter Says:

    Thanks so much for a great week of blogging! Your Sister Summit is like our own personal team of advisors. Who could ask for anything more than that to help us in our daily lives. I appreciate each of you so very much. Thank you for helping me not get buried in the landslide of my own ego.

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